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Techgart Sieve bend introduction

Techgart sieve bend

Product Introduction:

Techgart sieve bend is crystal of 20 years engineering experience, it conformance GB/T5000.3 machine design criteria, JB/T 2445-1999 coal sieve bend and requirements for the standard of relevant coal preparation machinery industry. The selection, processing, welding and assembly of all materials are strictly enforced by the corresponding national standards.

Techgart sieve bend is widely used for sizing, dewatering and medium draining of materials.

Project Details

  • Date: 03.1.2018
  • Location: 8/F, Tower B, Derun Plaza, 3A YongAnDongLi, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing 100022
  • Tel: +86 10 5879 3030
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Working Mechanism:

Techgart sieve bend be mainly used of coal industrial materials grading, dewatering and medium. The material enters the screen surface at a certain speed along the tangent direction, because of centrifugal force, materials are glued to screening surface to take motion. As the material layer flows from one sieve to another, the edges of each sieve have a cutting effect on the material layer. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material after cut is discharged through the sieve, and it becomes the undersize fall into the undersize chute; the part that has not been cut become the oversize cross the root sieve and fall into the oversize chute.

sieve bend

Product advantage:

Small installation space, simple structure;

Large throughput, high service efficiency;

No moving part, no producing noise;

Equip rotary apparatus; the screen surface direction can be changed quickly without disassembly.

The special design of feed box, materials can uniform distribution on the surface of screening;

Stainless steel sieve bend surface has incisive clipping, dewatering effect distinct;

The section geometry of screen surface wire is good, can be used for 0.25mm material classification.

The special design of Screening surface wire can be made into 0.76mm, screen cut is 0.35mm, has improved porosity and increased processing capacity.

Has complete range of articles, in order to satisfy diffident specialty and throughput of materials for process requirement, and take special design for customer need.

Can supply different type of vibrating screen production.

Operation maintenance is simply, serviceability safety, high cost-effective, adequate spare-part and excellent after service.