Successful signing of EPC general contract for Sidaoliu Coal Transportation Station

Sidaoliu Coal Transportation Station is an opportunity for Lianfa Logistics Company to seize the Ordos “three horizontal and four vertical” railway network. Relying on the Sidaoliu coal logistics park, it’s aimed to establish a standard and efficient coal industry chain management through the integration of regional resources. The service system was built to provide regional and upstream and downstream enterprises with coal supply chain management services.

The project is a large-scale coal storage and transportation center project. Its total construction scale of Sidaoliu Coal Transportation Station is 30.00Mt/a, and the construction scale of this time is 15.00Mt/a. Its system mainly includes raw coal storage system, screening and crushing system, and product storage and transportation system.

  • Date: 2018-07-23 10:19:36
  • Author: admin
  • From: Techgart

Project Planning

After the project is completed and put into production, it will undertake the task of coal transportation within the region, which is conducive to promoting the further development and utilization of regional coal resources, providing reliable guarantee for coal transportation and promoting the development of local coal resources, and facilitating the transformation of resource advantages into economic advantages.

At the headquarters of the company, Techgart held the signing ceremony of the EPC contract of the Sidaoliu coal transportation station. The following are the photos of the site: