Techgart Engineering LTD Memorabilia

In 2003

1.Techgart Engineering LTD was incorporated in Beijing.

2.Leading American shallow trough separation technology into China Shenhua Group coal preparation plant for the first time.

3.Shenhua group Shendong Sunjiagou northern region and Yujialiang coal preparation plant project contracting.

In 2004

1.The process of separation system of heavy medium shallow trough and heavy medium cyclone is successfully applied to coal preparation plant by innovation.

2.Shenhua Group Shendong Yujialiang Phase II, Ulan Mullen, Shangwan, Shanxi Binxian xiagou, Kailuan DongHuanTuo mine and other coal preparation plant generally contracting projects.

In 2005

1.The DMI screen settling centrifuge is successfully applied to the recovery of mud coal slurry.

2.Shenhua Group Shendong Sunjiagou Southern District, Halagou, Huainan Group Panyi, tong coal group Baidong, Shanxi Sapphire, Shanxi Lv Coking Company, Shanxi Shuozhou Taocun, Yunnan Bailongshan coal preparation plant General contracting project.

In 2006

1.The first time America new technology of deep dirt exclusion for coking coal be used in the Songhe coal preparation plant design.

2.Shenhua Group Wanli mine, world companies Jincheng Wangpo, Gansu Waseda Yan North, Shenhua Group Shendong Yujia Liang Phase III, Lu’an Group Zhangcun, Heilongjiang Hegang Yixin, Luneng Group shangyuquan and Jin Shaping Coal preparation plant general contracting projects.

In 2007

1.Get AAA bill of credit of China company.

2.The design of rotatory pulp distributer is successful, and be used in the coal preparation plant design

3.DaTong coal mine group tongxin, Shanxi Huashengyuan, Shanxi Chaigou, Lu'an Group Wuyang and Guozhuang coal preparation plant general contracting projects.

In 2008

1.Certification issued by ISO9000 quality management system and certificate

2.To obtain four million tons of general contracting projects: Shaanxi coal instruction company ningtiaota, ningxia coal Group Qingshuiying, the Datong Coal Group Dongzhouyao, Huadian corporation limited buLian’gou Coal Preparation Plant.

In 2009

1.Awarded Class A qualification of coal preparation plant and title of national high-tech enterprise issued by Ministry of Construction.

2.Adopt 3D design to design coal preparation plant pipeline.

3.Obtain " Techgart tube arrangement design simulation platform", " Techgart partially fixed crushing station simulation system", "Techgart high-power rotary motion track analysis system", "Techgart interferential separator data analysis system", "Techgart the distribution of wire data test system" computer software patents.

4.The general contracting project of Xuzhou coal mining group guojiahe, Lu'an Group Wang Zhuang, North station coal processing and distribution center of hantaichuan, Shiyaodian Shenmu and Datong Coal Mine Group, Wang Ping Shanxi Maweigou coal preparation plant.

5.Contract operating huashenyuan coal preparation plant.

In 2010

1.Comprehensive application of 3d design technology to the coal preparation plant detailed construction drawing design.

2.Obtain a credit line of 100 million yuan granted by the bank.

3.Joint venture establishment of Datong Coal Mining Group coal preparation operation company

4.Huadian group BuLian’gou; Shenhua group LiJiahao; Shaanxi coal and Chemical Industry Zhangjiamao; Shanxi Xin’an coal preparation plant; Shanxi SiErgo and Fengxi coal preparation plant general contracting projects

5.Contract operating Ningtiaota Coal preparation plant, Shiyaodian Coal preparation plant, Guo Jiahe Coal Preparation Plant

In 2011

1.Obtain environmental management system certification and occupational health and safety management system certification, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise certificate.

2.Undertake Beijing Chaoyang District Science and Technology Commission R&D and application research project of three-dimensional design software.

3.Obtain utility patent for “Online slime blending machine and slime recycle system equipped with slime blending machine ”

4.Obtain utility patent for “ Techgart mechanical equipment OS ”, “Techgart product data analysis system”, “Techgart engineering design optimization system”, “Techgart technical supervise system”, “Techgart control operation simulation system”

5.China coal energy Pingshuo Mu Guajie, Shenhua Group ShenDong Baode coal preparation plant technical reform, Shendong Shangwan coal preparation plant technical reform, Shendong Ulamu Len coal preparation plant technical reform, Inner Mongolia Yu Sheng Hong Ya, Datong Coal Mine Group Dongzhouyao coal preparation plant general contracting projects have been put into operation.

6.Trunkey operation Zhangjiamao coal preparation, Inner Mengolia Yusheng washery and Wangping washery.

In 2012

1.Be rated as the second place of the most promising future star of the Chinese enterprise by “Chinese entrepreneur”.

2.A new type slime mineralization deepness appliance has been developed and successfully applied to the Shanxi Haoxingyuan coking coal preparation plant.

3.Obtain “Tehgart base on pipeline 3D mapping software” patent.

4.China coal energy Nanliang, Luan group Shadunzi, Shanxi coal group Longan, Guizhou Panjiang group Songhe mine, Shanxi Chaigou phase II, Huhewusu, Shenhua group Daliugou smalls, Shaping washery technical reform , Majialiang, Guozhuang washery newly increased dense medium shallow slot separation project, Haoxingyuan and Selian washery EPC has been put into production successively.

5.Contracted operation of Nanliang coal preparation plant.

In 2013

1.Production plant of core coal preparation equipment " Techgart (Tianjing) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd." put into operation.

2.Successfully develop TFF flip-flow screen and Dense-medium flotation coupling separator.

3.Obtain “A scraper with broken function”, “make use of single medium dense medium shallow slot and dense-medium cyclone separation system” utility new type patents.

4.Huadian group Xiaojihan mine, China coal energy Muduchaideng, Shaanxi Yanchang petroleum Weiqiang, Phase II of Datong coal group Tongxin, Shanxi Beizu project remould, Zhifeng mountain, Binxian Xiagou smalls washery EPC and put into production.

5.Obtain Datong coal group Majiliang, Guangdong Zhujiang group Qingchunta, Baidong remould, Luan group Changcun, Shanxi coal group Taian, Huzigou, Xishan coal power Guandi remould, and Jinxinda washery.

In 2014

1.Shaanxi Nan Liang Mining Co. Ltd. Nan Liang Mine Washery construction of construction engineering design, procurement and construction (EPC) general contracting project obtain “Copper key Award for general contracting project” from China Exploration & Design Association and get “Coal industry excellent project general contracting project Silver Award” from CCCA.

2.The construction of the Shaanxi Huadian Xiaojihan coal washing process system installation engineering, Shaanxi Huadian Xiaojihan coal mine production system, joint construction, civil engineering building and Shaanxi Nanliang coal preparation plant project won “The quality of the coal industry project Sun Cup Award” and “Title of high quality project in coal industry” issued by CCCA and Coal Industry Construction Quality Supervision Station.

3.Obtain “Two slots shelter rail chair” and “Oscillating screen double-spring shock-absorption device” utility-type patents.

4.Coal preparation plant project of Datong Majiliang Coal Group, Shanxi coal group Tai'an and Baidong transformation put into operation.

5.Got Luan Xingjiang coal group and Shadunzi mine washery technical rebuild. And Shanxi coal import & export company Datong intelligent logistical center zoon B, Changchun Xing washery projects construction EPC.

6.Access to Russia coal preparation market officially, obtain Russian Kardhan coal preparation plant apparatus supply contract.

In 2015

1.Acquisition “A angle iron on the vibrating screen”, “A special link structure between flip-flow screen and side plate”, “A control system for screen sedimentation centrifuge ”, “fire control cabinet of washery” and “A electromechanical control cabinet of separation” utility-type patents.

2.Coal preparation plant EPC of Lu'an Changcun Coal Preparation Plant reform and renovation, Shadunzi coal preparation plant remould, Shanxi coal group Guandi coal preparation plant remould and Datong Changcunxing coal preparation plant projects put into operation.

3.Get EPC projects included the open coal preparation plant of the north Weijiamao coal company, the coal preparation plant of Xing’an coal company in Pingliang and Coal washing and selecting branch of the silaogou coal preparation plant technical reform project of Datong coal group.

4.Obtain a mine equipment supply contract of Russian Barthaci coal preparation plant.

In 2016

1.The construction of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Weishan Weigang coal preparation plant civil engineering project obtain “The quality of the coal industry project Sun Cup Award”, “The title of high-quality coal industry” by CCCA and Coal Industry Construction Quality Supervision Station.

2.Obtain “The DC control device is used for flip-flow screen” and “New-type Dupline sealing-tape machine protective control system” utility new type patents.

3.Obtained EPC include Weijiamao Coal Company opening coal preparation plant, coal preparation plant of Pingliang Xingan Coal Company and Shaanxi Huadian Yuheng Coal Company Xiaojihan coal preparation plant technical renovation project.

4.Obtain EPC projects include Shaanxi Future Energy Chemical Corp Jinjitan coal preparation plant phase II project and Niushan coal preparation plant electric engineering construction project.

In 2017

1.Obtain “The lighting system of coal preparation plant” and “An alarm system of scraper” new-type utility patents.

2.Shaanxi Future Energy Chemical Corp Jinjitan coal preparation plant phase II project, Datong Coal Group coal washing branch silaogou coal preparation plant technology remould project, Guangdong Zhujiang group qingchunta coal preparation plant and other coal preparation plant projects have been put into operation one after another.

3.Obtain EPC projects of Russian KOLMAR group Denisovski coal preparation plant, Indonesia PT. KALIMANTAN ENERGI LESTARI (KEL) coal preparation plant, and Shanxi Gaoping Kexing Niushan coal limited company mine coal preparation plant productivity improvement remould construction project.

4.Contracted to operate shanxi gaoping kexing niu shan coal industry co., LTD.