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Techgart Magnetic Separator Intro

Techgart Magnetic Separator Intro

Product Introduction:

Techgart TMS wet-type drum magnetic separator were developed for the recovery of very fine-grained basic magnetic materials for low-concentration media, In past 15 years, this products had already be sold 500 sets in China domestic market, the quality and after-sales service of products has been the consistently trusted and praised in China’s coal industry.

Techgart TMS wet-type drum magnetic separator is widespread use in dense medium separation process and ore processing (Selection of mineral) in coal preparation plants.

Project Details

  • Date: 03.1.2018
  • Location: 8/F, Tower B, Derun Plaza, 3A YongAnDongLi, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing 100022
  • Tel: +86 10 5879 3030
  • Email:

Working Mechanism:

The Techgart TMS wet-type drum magnetic separator is immersed in a stainless steel trough through a dense medium by the bottom of the rotating cylinder made of stainless steel, and the permanent magnet with unique design is inside of drum to produce high gradient magnetic field, make fine level magnetic nanoparticles absorb on the surface of drum. When the drum is rotating, this magnetic nanoparticle will enter into the non-magnetic part of drum, then use cleaned ore discharge scraper to discharge into the launder.

Magnetic Separator

Product advantage:

Special design, and was hermetical seal in the magnetic system of stainless steel drum.

The magnetic system use high-class permanent magnetically material, the demagnetizing index is lower than 1% in 50 years;

This equipment adopt Anti-wear aluminum end flange;

The whole drum shell was made of stainless steel, and working life can be more than 10 years;

It is easy to lubricate and inspect without removing the drum;

The barrel body is accurate position before leaving that factory, so that the adjustment step in the field is eliminate, and the barrel body can be used immediately;

Special design of an easy to install slot body mod;

Full width type overflow weir design;

The feeding box is equipped with a strainer, which can effectively prevent large materials from entering the slot box;

Different types for choose;

It has simple operation and maintenance, safe use, high cost performance, sufficient spare parts and timely and considerate service.