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Techgart High-frequency shale shaker Introduction

Techgart High-frequency shale shaker

Product Introduction:

Techgrat high-frequency shale shaker combines the advanced technology in the world and advanced forces analysis of finite element calculation means, every high-frequency shale shaker can use finite element software to test stress and strain of screening machine in simulation running for 24-48 hours uninterrupted, and aim at results of simulation running test to develop machine design, in order to improve the performance of machine. The production of screening machine is equipped with advanced CNC machining equipment with process, and advanced testing equipment, all products can achieve advanced level in the world.

The design & production of Techgrat high-frequency shale shakers accords with GB/T5000.3 mechanical design criteria, IEC international electrical standards, JB/T9022 [The criterion of screening machine design] and JB/T5496 [The general technical requirements of screening machine production] with related coal washing machine industry standards. All material selection, machines, equipment and assemble as per of national standard.

Techgart high-frequency shale shakers are used to coal dewater, and suitable other ores too. It also can adapt all corrosive and abrasiveness running conditions

Project Details

  • Date: 03.1.2018
  • Location: 8/F, Tower B, Derun Plaza, 3A YongAnDongLi, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing 100022
  • Tel: +86 10 5879 3030
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Drive vibration exciter by motor to rotation;

Operation of vibration exciter to generate linear vibration force, the angle between the direction of exciting force and the horizontal angle is 45°;

The linear vibration force move in circles be use on the screen machine, make it on the support spring, at same time the spring take lowered load between the machine and basal part;

Screen machine drive screen surface to make synchronous vibration, then transmit force to materials and make materials layering with different size to sift and dewater;

Materials continuous enter into the feed preparation unite spout to get into the feed port of screen machine, pass screening on the screen surface, screen underflow enter into the discharge chute, and riddlings enter into the another discharge;

Product advantage:

Downward inclination of feeding stage the angle is 45°,it’s easy to sluicing, the superior oblique angle of discharge stage is -5° is easy to dewater, in order to improve the throughput and dewatering efficiency;

Heavy load of screen machine, with high monolithic intension, rigidity and useful life;

Adopt special design G actuator, the parameter and property is stable;

High throughput and service efficiency;

Stable service and lower noise;

Lower power cost, more easy to economize energy;

Can load and transport by overall unit, even load and transport by disassembly;

Can satisfy different material features and throughput screening process request;

Can setup many different modular screens;

Operation and maintenance of screen machine is simple, serviceability safety with cost-effective, adequate pares and nice after service.