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Techgart Floatation Cell Intro

Techgart Floatation Cell Intro

Product Introduction:

Techgart XJM-S type floatation cell is use for -0.5mm size fraction slime and other ore floatation. The XJM-S type floatation cell is self-inspiring type agitation impeller flotator, this coal slime floatation equipment developed by our company on the basis of years of slime floatation experience. It has large processing power, simple to use, adaptable, high liability, and lower reagents cost, at the same property, compared with the same industry products, it has the advantages of small up-front investment, low repair and maintenance price, and timely and convenient after-sales service, and has multiple specifications and models to choose.

Project Details

  • Date: 03.1.2018
  • Location: 8/F, Tower B, Derun Plaza, 3A YongAnDongLi, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing 100022
  • Tel: +86 10 5879 3030
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Working Mechanism:

The Techgart XJM-S type floatation cell is self-inspiring type agitation impeller flotator, the pre-disposal pulp feed to the false bottom of first chamber, the negative pressure was made by rotating impeller in the wheel cavity, in order to take the pulp of the false bottom and groove draft into mixed regime by subjacent suction port and upper suction port of vane wheel respectively, and let the air enter into the mixed regime by air duct, The mixture of pulp, air and chemicals is mixed in the mixed regime. Then under centrifugal force of impeller, the mixed pulp will enter into mineralized part, and inhaled air is cut to form bubbles and smashed, next this air will full contact with the coal particles to form a mineralized bubbles, in the next place, under the action of stator and steady flow plate, evenly distributed in the cross section of the slot body. And move upwards into the separation area and enrich the foam layer, which is discharged by the scraping mechanism to form the fine coal foam.

The unmineralized coal pellets on false bottom was absorbed into impeller through the circulation hole and the upper suction port, and then mixed, mineralization and separation once again. The part of the slurry that has not been mineralized in time enters the second chamber's false bottom through the middling box buried in the slurry. Like the whole process of the first chamber, enter the third chamber, so that the pulp passes through the last chamber into the tailings box to discharge the final tailings.

Floatation Cell

Product advantage:

This machine adopts the advanced feeding way: "the false bottom suction, surrounding the overflow”, this feeding way is unique to this machine, set the DC type feeding and the advantages of self-suction feeding in one, not only overcomes the DC type feeding pulp prone to the phenomenon of short circuit, but also overcomes the self-suction feeding ore through the disadvantage of small excess slurry;

The slurry in the groove is a "W" type three-dimensional circulation, and the air bubbles are evenly distributed in the groove and the flow state is reasonable.

The air channel is unique, the sleeve air intake pipe into the upper and lower impeller, It is ensured that mineralization opportunities can be obtained by the slurry flow on the upper and lower layer of the impeller in the best mineralization area- the impeller chamber, improve the flotation rate greatly, increase flotation speed. At the same time, the sleeve inlet valve can adjust the air volume flexibly online to facilitate the operation of the workers.

Each flotation tank has a dosing point, which can meet the technical requirements of the chamber adding. And the dosing point has the function of atomization.

Have a variety of models for choice.

It has simple operation, safe use, high cost performance, sufficient spare parts and timely and considerate service.