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Techgart Dense medium Separator slot Intro

Techgart Dense medium Separator slot Intro

Product Introduction:

The Techgart dense medium separator vessel is low-priced equipment use to sorting >6.35mm raw coal. The separator vessel has special abrasive resistance stool plates, adopt extended high chromium steel transmission chain, which has high abrasion resistance, in order to make the equipment gets long working life, high efficiency and low operative difficulty index. Each sorting trough can be designed by the special requirements of clients. It also can satisfy different gravity of separation. And no matter kind of ash and reject, use this equipment can achieve very satisfactory results.

The Techgart dense medium separator vessel is widespread use in dense medium separation process and preparation of ore (Selection of mineral) in coal preparation plants. In past 15 years, this products had already be sold 100 sets in China domestic market, the quality and after-sales service of products has been the consistently trusted and praised in China’s coal industry.

Project Details

  • Date: 03.1.2018
  • Location: 8/F, Tower B, Derun Plaza, 3A YongAnDongLi, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing 100022
  • Tel: +86 10 5879 3030
  • Email:

Working Mechanism:

The working mechanism of Techgart dense medium separator is float-sink mechanism, the coal floated and the reject sank, than the coal was discharged from the overflow weir, the reject sank to the bottom and discharged from the reject scraper.

Dense medium Separator slot Intro

Product advantage:

The equipment has lower funds investment and lower maintenance cost;

All products have simply structure and long working live;

The equipment has high separation efficiency and sharpness of separation for ≥6.35mm coarse coal;

It can satisfy different gravity of separation;

It has the ability to deal with large amount of reject for material;

It has different model for choose;

It has simple operation and maintenance, safe use, high cost performance, sufficient spare parts and timely and considerate service.